A dart in the bullseye of a dartboard

A pain on my fingers
Fatigue of the thoughts
I fumble with words
Chasing the changing flares
The flipping images
Flapping like a restless bird
In my mind
Moving faster
Faster than my fingers on this keyboard
Or this pen bleeding on this sheet

One day it will breakthrough
Maybe now
Maybe tomorrow
One day though
These letters
Will jiggle
These words
Will giggle
A staccato on pages of life
Dance to the whistle of my vibrations,
The I AM synergy

One day these discords will shine
Brighter like neon
And settled dust of the universe
Illuminating under the power
Of the sun
A sum of the ancient moments
One day
These will be stories for the later generations
As they reminisce
Clouded by the change of times
Transformations in the cosmos
The increase of less-es
Delusions of the senses
Blinded by the lust of the eyes
Locked up in choiceness
Captives of the desires
Lame dancers

One day it will breakthrough
Like a virgin on her second jig
Pain unmasked by pleasure
Marked with palpation
Of her heart so eager to escape
To the charade of the undone

One day it will breakthrough
A copulation of the words
Audiences gathered
To witness the birth
Birth of a moment
Birth of a torment
Lost in the noise of the jeers
Consummated by the toxic love
Of words coming to life
And many will get lost in the moment
In the din
In the mire
Some will sire
Desires to be nothing
But echelons of this voice
Bearers of this truth…
A wildfire
With no cease fire
Amorphous battle lines
A calling
A passion entwined in a strategy
Beyond the horizon
and what it is…
when that happens…
I guess it will be a true breakthrough
A new end…

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